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About Alfred

1942 - 2023

Alfred D. Ward is an internationally known designer and fine artist. He served as consultant designer for Spink & Sons in London (by appointment to her Majesty the Queen), where he designed and produced presentation pieces for the Royal Family, Revlon of Paris, Dunhill, the Royal Air Force, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Ward became a professor of Design Technology at the University of London in 1966. The Design Technology program developed at the university, for which he was instrumental, became a mandatory element of design education in British high schools in 1984. 


In 1973 Ward became Head of the Department of Silversmithing, Jewelery, and Allied Crafts at the Sir John Cass College of Art within City of London Polytechnic. Having moved to the United States in 1981 he taught design studies at the University of Michigan and Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. In 1975 he was appointed Director of the Appalachian Center for Crafts in Tennessee and finally became Chairman of the Department of Art and Design at Winthrop University in South Carolina in 1989. 


Ward has a degree in Fine Art from Gravesend College of Art, a National Diploma of Design in Silversmithing from Canterbury College of Art, and he completed his Full Technological Certificate in Silversmithing and Engraving from the City and Guilds of London Institute. Ward completed his Art Teachers Diploma in Product Design and Ceramics at Birmingham University. 

Selected Awards & Accomplishments:

Ward was awarded the Distinguished Professor Award at Winthrop in 2009 and the Medal of Honor in the Arts in 2011. His work in the permanent collection of  Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Ogden Museum of Art in New Orleans, Washington State Museum of Art, Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, and several other museums in England and America. Design Production and Consultancy includes: Revlon of Paris, Covent Garden Opera House, Dominican Republic, Margo Fonteyn, Harvey Nichols, Saudi Arabian Royal Family, United Arab Emirates, Royal Air Force, and Mayor of London. Ward has made numerous silversmithing commissions around the world, primarily for ecclesiastical and ceremonial purposes. Additional commissions include those for jewelery for individuals. 

Download Ward's complete resume here: 

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